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Thread: HELP! Please?

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    Default Re: HELP! Please?

    Eyes~DO NOT use regular eye drops, a good choice if needed are GenTeal
    Refresh Gel Drops (can be found at Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's).

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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    Default Re: HELP! Please?

    wow - I was late to the party, but the gang has you fantastically covered!
    There is a part of your heart not alive until a bulldog has entered your lif

    Nitschke (2004-2011) and Banks (2005-2014) -- My angels
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    Default Re: HELP! Please?

    I'm gonna chime in with my opinion.

    1. What is the best food and treats for an EB, and when do I stop feeding her puppy food? There's no such thing as the best food for all Bullys. Each Bully is different and will have different nutritional needs. Bullys are prone to allergies and some are health-compromised so it may be that what works for somebody's bully will not work for yours. Also, like everything in life, one has to balance what is the best food for your specific bully's needs with what you can afford (both time and money). That said, I feed my dogs raw food following the Prey-Model principle. That way, I know exactly what goes into my dogs and I can tweak each serving for each dog to combat any health concerns. So I buy my dogs' food from the meat section of the grocery and not the pet aisle. If you want to know more about this method, google "Prey-Model Raw".
    2. How often should I bathe her, I know dogs really don't need baths often but like I said I only bathe her when she gets muddy or poopy.. she loves being in water! My bullys get bathed once every 3 months or so unless they get dirty/stinky in between. They get brushed daily.
    3. She doesn't have a tail pocket under her tail, hers is above her tail. Is that normal? It isn't too deep, How often should I clean that? Daily or more often.
    4. How often should she get her nails trimmed? I don't keep track but it seems like it's been once a month that I've taken her to get it done. Also should I stick to trimming or try the filing? Depends on the dog. I have a bully that will not play for more than 5 minutes and will not walk more than half a mile. My other bully is very active and will chase frisbees for an hour or more. These activities will file their nails on the ground. I use a dremel tool, so I file the not-too-active bully at least once a week. I check the active bully's nails every week and file the nails that need it.
    5. She's been getting a crusty nose and paws!! What do I use to repair them? When she gets a crusty nose does it mean she's sick?? Not always. More often than not, you'll get other symptoms besides the crusty nose if she's sick. As I feed raw, I increase the fat of their food if their nose is crusty.
    6. What is the average weight for a female puppy EB and a female adult EB? Bully sizes vary. The AKC lists adult English Bulldogs around 55 pounds for males and 45 pounds for females. My female bully is 65 lbs, and the male bully is 55 lbs.
    7. This one and the next one aren't biggies but what works best to remove tear stains? Tear stains is a symptom of a problem. It is caused by over production of tears that keeps the eyes wet which causes a breeding ground for yeast or bacteria. The problem might be temporary and a no-biggie (like skeletal changes or growing teeth causing the bones/muscles to temporarily pinch the tear ducts) or it could be a big deal - improperly formed drainage, ingrown eyelash, glaucoma, yeast infection, etc. The first step is to try to find out why the dog is producing excessive tears. A check-up with the vet just to be sure it's not a biggie is ideal. Once the cause is determined, then if possible, correct the problem. If it's not correctible - like teething puppies - or to clean out existing tear stains, you can use soft towel moistened with warm water to clean the area and then put cornstarch to keep it dry.
    8. I want to buy her a few articles of clothing but it seems they don't make clothes for EB's know where I could get some?? I bought mine from @LariP. There are others here who make really cute sweaters and such. I suggest watching the auctions around here.

    I got Bullied and loving it!
    Bella "Bullie" Rose, adopted on July 24, 2011

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