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Thread: Do any of you bribe your Bullies with treats?

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    Default Do any of you bribe your Bullies with treats?

    My husband and I are about to go to WAR! Ever since Arrow, our St. Bernard, was a baby, my husband has spoiled him rotten! So now that he's 3 and weighs about 160 lbs., Arrow does whatever Arrow wants to, and if he doesn't feel like minding, no one can MAKE him. Gertie and Ida mind very well, and I don't permit my husband to spoil them like he has Arrow. Oh, they're spoiled, but they mind, they aren't rewarded for bad behavior.

    My question is: What does everyone think about bribing a dog into minding with a treat? My husband gets Arrow to mind (sometimes) by giving him treats. (And sometimes Arrow just takes the treat and continues with whatever he's not supposed to be doing). I think it's wrong to give him a treat to get him to mind. Now if he minds and then he's rewarded with a treat, that's totally different. My husband is going to Denver on Mon. to visit relatives there and so this-morning he said to me, "What are going to do with him while I'm gone?" I said, I'm NOT going to reward his bad behavior! Any suggestions other than possibly boarding him, would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Do any of you bribe your Bullies with treats?

    well..when Chester is bad, bad - like when he won't come in from outside because he happens to be sniffing around or sitting in the backyard staring at me.. I have literally picked him up and brought him inside myself rather than bribe him. If he is bad, he gets no treat. But only if he is bad, bad. If he is funny, mischievious bad.. he gets a treat. Like when he's "sunning" himself outside and rolling over on his back, and making "chewbacca' noise when I call him - I will entice him with a treat. That's when he's playing. I know that's confusing, but I think there's a difference
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