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Well now, when you own three trucks...one is my husbands, one is mine, and one is just for the bullies. When my recliner is too small; not because I got bigger but because I have to have a chair and a half for me and the bullies; when you have lint rollers at home, work, in your truck and you still put your clothes for work on in the work bathroom after you arrive; you have chew marks on all furniture in the house and just smile and never worry about replacement anything; when you have to hang your shower curtain everytime you take a shower and put it away afterwards; if you go to Lowes at least twice a month to get a repair kit for the garden hose or a new hose ; when you always go to work with a smile because no matter what, you got more kisses when you left home than your co-workers got in a week and you are going to get them again as soon as you walk in the house and get bulldozed over because they are happy to see you. I could go on and on; there are tons more and I wouldn't trade not one of them.
Or got an SUV just the fur baby could have the back seat and be able to see out

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