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Emily, what I have learned is that loss takes time to go thru all your
emotions, over & over again and sometimes up & down, back & forth
even in a single day's time.For instance, you start feeling acceptance
and then suddenly, you find yourself grieving as if your loss was fresh
and not months past. This is normal and will continue for some time,
until finally, the almost unendurable pain lessens somewhat and the
memories bring a smile, a chuckle even a belly laugh. You will always
mourn for your loved one, how can you not but you become better at
coping. There just isn't any way to escape the hurt when it's a great
love and their absence leaves you empty inside. Remember too, our
mourning for them is sacred work done in tribute for what they gave
to us, there will always be a part of your heart that no one will ever
have again because it is forever their's to occupy.

Sending you much love, Emily
I just LOVE this Carol... Many prayers & hugs to you!!!