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Thread: Bath time?

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    Pooper scooper PudgyMommy's Avatar
    Waller, Tx
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    Pudge RIP, and Maggie
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    Default Re: Bath time?

    Maggie does not enjoy the bath, or the water hose wash outside, but she happily walks into the shower with me about once a week. She loves the warm water and scrubbing. She doesn't even fuss too much when it's time to wash her face. I use baby wash mostly, with the occasional hot spot shampoo when allergies are high. Maggie also loves to get dried off. I think that is really her favorite part and she just tolerates the shower to get the "dry off." My weim, ont he other hand, hates the bath, the shower, the water hose, the rain... basically anything wet. She will tolerate getting washed, but spends the next 1/2 hour trying to dry herself off on anything she can roll in, rub up against, smoosh into, run through or whatever.

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    Potty Trainer mzza111's Avatar
    Orange County, CA
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    Gypsy (May 2013- March 2015)
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    Default Re: Bath time?

    Gypsy gets an "under carriage" wash once a week and a full bath every 3 weeks. She had been used as a breeder so she has hangy boobie folds and her crotch hangs kind of low. Between that and the fact that she likes to pleasure herself A LOT, her under carriage gets smelly.

    I also wash all her bedding once a week.


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