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Thread: Curly is a brat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2BullyMama View Post
    What a great photo.... he is so darn adorable!! hard to get annoyed or mad at that face.

    are you using treats on the walk to get him to keep walking?
    Yea that's my stinker. It's really really hard to get mad at him.

    He must be the strangest bully ever but he is not very responsive to treats - we have the Blue bits which are the soft meaty chews and a crunchy treat (we just ran out but they were by blue too). He will sit for them but he won't walk for them. I think he might have associated the treat with sit than with walk lol this guy is going to need so much work. Thank goodness I work from home!

    He likes walking with our frenchton Sully so we tried walking them together and he goes a bit further than normal but at certain spots he just stops walking and sits down.

    We've gone as far as dropping the leash and keep walking. 50% of the time he will run after us the the 50% of the time he will just sit there staring at us.

    I'm also in LA and it's still hot out here so I thought he's just hot. But he does the same thing at night when the temps drop to the 60s.

    Today though I took a mini squeaky rubber duck on the walk with us and squeaked it when I pulled him to come and he was interested in the duck!! So I think I found my motivator ::knock on wood:: I also am trying to pay more attention to him and prevent him from sitting during the walk which I've found to work at bit right now.

    He's only been with us for 2 weeks now so he is still getting use to everything I think eventually he will get use to the walks

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    Default Re: Curly is a brat!

    Great catch on the squeaky toy.... Find a motivator and stay consistent with him. They do test us all the time
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