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Thread: Kenneling in South Florida (or anywhere for that matter) ?

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    Baxter Tiberius

    Default Kenneling in South Florida (or anywhere for that matter) ?

    So I went to San Diego and Phoenix with baby Baxter this month and he ended up getting fleas and ticks from the two places who watched him in each city. Now I am traumatized and the last thing I want to do is drop him off somewhere that isn't clean, careful, sanitized, and enjoyable for him. Additionally the place in Phoenix had a bunch of yelping, nervous, poorly behaved dogs that Cesar Millan would call "extremely bad influences", and Baxter came back from just 2 nights with them stressed out, and a newfound love for barking endlessly at everything.

    At this point I just want to have somewhere I can take him that is clean, calm, and where he'll be returned to me the same little boy that I dropped him of as. Of course, having someone who knows English Bulldogs, their sensitivity to heat, etc is extremely important too. My veterinarian told me they "board" dogs, but I pictured them tossing him in a crate for 23 hours a day with a couple "walks" at most. In a sterilized setting, and everyone goes home at night, leaving him alone. That seems like utter hell for this little guy as well.

    What type of place do you guys leave your pup when you need to? Is there any recommended places in South Florida (preferrably Miami/FtLauderdale) that are clean, calm, and good at what they do?

    I suppose I could always spring for a house sitter ...

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    Baxter Tiberius

    Default Re: Kenneling in South Florida (or anywhere for that matter) ?

    Wow -

    Check out this place:

    And their gallery:

    Impressive. And the dogs look clean LOL

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    Default Re: Kenneling in South Florida (or anywhere for that matter) ?

    We use a pet sitter. Stays in our home..we used to board at our vets but honestly, it's cheaper this way and all my animals are in their own Enviroment.

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