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Thread: BOGEY IS HOME!!!

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    we have 2 bullies, and I know only one person I would leave them with, and she is our breeder, wish I was closer and your bully could live with me when you leave again p.s. I don't take holidays anymore unless they can come, love them way to much

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    I'm so sorry you had this bad experience, but glad that Bogey is back home and happy and okay. I also had to board my dogs back in April when we went to Jamaica for my wedding, and although they took really good care of my two, they seemed happy when I picked them up. We did have an incident when I picked them up, and the young boy who took care of Dozer and Blossom told me he had the diarrhea that day, and that he thought it was from stress. I questioned him, on how long he had had the diarrhea, and he told me that it had started a little the night before, and we came at 10:00 am when they opened to get them, and he had diarrhea twice that morning. I asked him how he was the rest of the week, as they had been there for 9 days, and he said they were fine. I asked him how could he be fine all week and then get diarrhea from being stressed after a whole week? It didn't make sense to me. He was fine otherwise, played, ate, was excited to see us, but the next day when he pooped it wasn't diarrhea, but he did pass a piece of a rubber toy, and later that day he passed another piece. I saved a piece and went back to the kennel, and showed the staff, I also looked in the window of the playroom, and saw similar rubber toys. When I dropped them off before I left on vacation, I filled out a detailed form with what they ate, how much, what their likes and dislikes were, how long they could play in the playroom, and said no more than 20 minutes to half an hour of play, and they were to be watched for panting, and if this happened they were to be put back in their suite to rest, so as not to be over heated or panting to much. I also specifically left instructions that they weren't allowed to have any toys other than Kong toys, no stuffed animals, or soft toys, no tennis balls, or small balls, and no soft squeaky toys, as they eat these things, I also said that if they were given Kong toys they still had to be supervised. So Dozer had eaten pieces of a soft rubber toy, and I was upset about that, but it has also happened to me, they are really fast and they eat stuff. Other than that incident, they were very well taken care of, the staff love my dogs, and they apologized for Dozer having swallowed a piece of toy. I have come to the conclusion that we are very careful with our babies, we go the extra mile to make sure they get the best food, supplements, the extra care of cleaning their eyes, ears, face wrinkles and folds, and their tail pockets, and nobody is going to take the same care and devotion that we do. We have our schedules for them and their routines, and we do things our way, and nobody is going to do things exactly the way we do. But having said that they should follow instructions that are written down and left for the pets they are taking care of. Some bullies and other dogs can have allergies, and that's when it's important to follow the feeding instructions for amounts, and types of food and treats, as this can affect them. Any changes in their diet or amounts can cause stomach upsets, and reactions, as well as diarrhea, and can wreck havoc on their routines. I would also be very concerned regarding how they follow instructions for medications, if they aren't following instructions for food and feedings, or toys, then what if a pet needs daily medications, and they don't administer them properly? That could really harm an animal. I don't blame you for being mad.
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