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Thread: Glucosamine-msm supplement

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    Default Glucosamine-msm supplement

    Anyone use or heard of glyco-flex. Seems to have good reviews. They have 3 levels. I, II, & III. Was thinking of trying the III- assuming it's the best? Any help?

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    Haven't heard of that particular one. But was coincidentally doing research on this stuff tonight. Apparently as a puppy its super important to start giving it to them. Their rear legs aren't fully developed into the joints yet, so it helps with preventing dysplasia and improper formation as they grow (theoretically). So I just got some tonight that is Glu/Chon/MSM as well. Got the high rated one on amazon. I think the important thing to make sure of is dose.

    This seemed to be the most reliable source for that.

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    I'm curious about the Glyco Flex 3 as well. My vets office has Glycoflex 2. Apparently it's the only place I can find it. I'm in Ontario, Canada. I thought there might have been others here who use this product. I have used the Welly Tails one but think Ms Daizy needs something stronger. I am currently using Glucosapet by Omega Alpha and it seems to be doing a good job. No limping after a few days of using it. Daizy has arthritis and the Glucosapet seems to be doing a good job. I also just picked up the Kirkland brand Glucosamine supplement for people and will try that next. So has anyone used this product??

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