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Thread: Need advice (unbiased if possible) - taking on second bully

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    Default Re: Need advice (unbiased if possible) - taking on second bully

    Please keep in mind that even if you make the decision to rescue, your first dog may make a different decision for you. When I had Lulu in her first round of training classes, our trainer came to be in possession of another female bully that the owner surrendered, also due to lack of time and commitment. We had toyed with the idea of getting another, and the trainer thought Lulu would make an excellent sister for this one so we gave it a try. Lulu is extremely submissive, calm, sweet, and not the least bit aggressive, so we didn't anticipate any problems. The breeder we got her from owned several dogs and also ran a boarding and grooming business, so Lulu spent her first 9 months happily playing with other dogs, so we figured she would love having a playmate. The other bully was bigger, but very sweet, too. We had them meet at the training facility, and they got along well, so I brought the other girl home with me. As soon as we were home, Lulu instantly morphed into another creature! She was starting snapping at the other dog when they started to play, and she wouldn't let the other girl anywhere near me! Lulu made sure new girl knew she owned me, the couch, the toys, everything! It was so strange to see my sweet 30 lb baby being so nasty to a big 60 lb bully. We tried to give it a few days to see if Lulu would chill out, but she didn't and then the other bully remembered she was twice Lulu's size and started fighting back. I felt so bad that I couldn't keep her, but both dogs were so unhappy. Our trainer assumed that since Lulu had spent her first year sharing everything, that she went into full "resource guarding" mode" and wanted to be the only one to "own" me. It all ended up being a journey I think God wanted us to make, though, because a man that worked with my husband fell in love with the other bully! Since he had previous bully experience, he was able to be fast tracked through the home visits and adoption process so that sweet girl was able to be transferred to a great home quickly! I guess we were just meant to be a stepping stone in the process. Lulu returned to being my sweet little submissive angel as soon as she was the only dog in the house again. The trainer said we might have been able to work through the issues if I was a stay at home mom, but it would have been a long hard process on me and the dogs with me working full time. I don't mean to be a downer...just a warning to not get too attached until you know everyone can live happily together. I thought it would be fun to have 2 bullies, but Lulu Mae was here first, and she is my best friend and baby! So...spoiled only child for us it is! Good luck in decision making!

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    Default Re: Need advice (unbiased if possible) - taking on second bully

    You've got a huge amount of input and information on here, and so I won't just repeat what everybody else seems to have said.

    All I will add, is that from my experience of being part of Rescue Ohio English Bulldogs, that your first step should be to get an adoption application in to the rescue so that they can do a vet check and also a home visit for you. That way you are an approved adopter. I can only say from OUR experience, which is that by the time somebody sees a pic of an adoptable bully and decides to apply, that the bulldog has already got a Meet & Greet with an APPROVED adopter that we already know. So to have an application on file will speed up any process immensely!!!

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