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Thread: Swollen eye?

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    Default Re: Swollen eye?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikinggirl View Post
    Glad to hear she is feeling better, and the eye has improved. It could still be from a bug bite, even though she was inside, bugs can crawl in through cracks, we get ants and spiders in my house, and the darn Mosquitos get in as well. Or it may be allergy related, as Benadryl seemed to help. Just keep an eye on her to see if it happens again, to see if there's something she's coming in contact with that may be causing the reaction. Good luck, hopefully it doesn't return, sending hugs, love and prayers your way.

    Lmao... I almost doubt it was a bug bite... hehehe she eats any bug that she comes in contact with.. But who knows one of those lil things could of got her while she was Thanks for the well wishes... Mommy always has her on her... Lol Im too over protective when Im home..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnA View Post
    I'd keep a very close eye on it, we just went through that with Otis - not sure if it was a bug bite or not but in a matter of two days he developed an ulcer that he is still being treated for. Wishing you all the best.

    Oh I will thanks

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    Default Re: Swollen eye?

    Glad to hear she is better!
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