Hi, my englosh bulldog is currently 68 days pregnant, she was scanned at 4 weeks and saw 2 pups, she is npt very big only when she lays down, she is sleeping alot the past 2 days, vet said to let her go over 2 days whitch will ne tomorrow of sje hasnt had them, im worried because i know shes not having a false pregnancy or nothing wiuldve shown on tje scan and she cant av reabsorbed them because hes got bigger, shes been sick a couple of times this last week and had abit of diorea yesterday, its her forst litter aswell, i know the normal gestation perioed but is thos normal for a bullys first pregnancy, we took her t the vets at 7 weeks she said she disnnt look pregnant but as soon a s she examined her said there could ne somthing there?"