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Thread: Does your bulldog get mad when you leave?

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    Default Re: Does your bulldog get mad when you leave?

    Quote Originally Posted by mc68mc View Post
    I went to work out of town and for the first two weeks I was gone my wife said April would go to the door around four o-clock and sit and wait and if she was let out she would set where I park my truck and look down the drive waiting for me to pull in Attachment 49291 this is the pic she texted me when i got off work -but when i got home the first friday all I got was STINK EYE for about an hour and when i called her she would turn her head and look away
    She is sooooooo super beautiful!!!!

    Love has a name and its name is Sheldon!!!<3

    R.I.P. Duece Man 9-13-14 Gone but not forgotten, always in our hearts! Till we meet again over the Bridge, Mommy misses you.

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    Default Re: Does your bulldog get mad when you leave?

    Omg...Mack HATES when we leave. Every morning when I kiss Pete goodbye Mack starts pacing and gets frantic. I try to shut him in the bed room with Pete bc otherwise he squeezes out the screen door and stands in the way of the path to my car, or if I try to beat him to the door he nips at my shoes. Then if he is alone too long he knocks over the baby gates to get into the kitchen garbage. And spreads the contents all over the kitchen. So we have started taking the kitchen garbage to the garage if no-one is going to be home. He never chews anything, unless there is cardboard or paper products left in his reach while we are gone. Shoeboxes, books, and one time a brand new package of toilet paper end up shredded into a million pieces while we are gone. If the bf gets mad though, my answer is well you shouldnt have left it where he will get it! We think he prefers paper and cardboard bc its all his one snaggle tooth can easily break lol. None of these bad behaviors exist when we are home all weekend though. It's almost like separation anxiety. But then other times I walk in the door and he its peacefully sleeping on the floor by the door or better yet the new couch where he knows he isnt allowed...it's really unpredictable!

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    Default Re: Does your bulldog get mad when you leave?

    I have been out of the country in China for ten days. I hired a dog walker to come over daily in the morning and take the dogs to the park near my home. Bea knows the dog walker -- he's also my garden waterer when I'm gone --- and he's my neighbor too who they love to see when we're out together. Bea would NOT go on the walk. IF he could get her out of her crate or off her stinky blanket, she would plop her butt down in the driveway and refuse to move. According to grandma, who was babysitting, she didn't react when visitors came over and had to be cajoled into going outside to pee or to eat her supper. Bo was fine. He moped around a bit but it was Bea who would not play, take treats or do much of anything besides mope in her crate. Now, are dogs capable of moping? I dunno. It looks like that but maybe it's just sadness that the pack leader is gone? I dunno.

    I did see two VERY happy dogs when I got home though and they're not letting me out of their sight this morning! :-)

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