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Hey Cyndi, it's next weekend that I'll meet with Bella's Mom and pick up Rambo. Leslie is picking him up from his owners right now as we speak, @ 10:00am EST, and was seriously nice enough to foster him for a week for me as per my work schedule won't allow for travel until then. It gives me a week to prepare for him, and it's a nice trip to Florida too, about 1200 miles round trip, I'm very much looking foreword to meeting Leslie and Rambo, and transitioning him into my home with Rocky. After chatting with Andy, it would seem Rocky and Rambo share the same type A personalities (omg...) so I can't wait to get them two together and let them terrorize the gulf coast....pet smart, Academy, the lake front, the pet parks and so on and so
Forth..... And I've decided as for me and my life, I'm just here for the Bullies...... Lmbo, Butler, chauffeur, maid service, toy fetcher, ya know the routine...... lol

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Dave, I misunderstood and I thought you were picking up this weekend. It is great that Leslie will be able to foster Rambo for you until you can make the drive next weekend. It won't be too long before you and the boys are terrorizing southern Louisiana and beginning those action films. I still believe that you should name your production company Sly and the Family Bone and I know that you just changed your title on here, but that would be so cute for that as well