Wanted to gather some info on pet insurance that's available in the Great White North. I know the U.S. has more superb coverage than us, they're much cheaper plus has a higher max payout. Green with envy here! But thought that a thread listing what we can get would be good for reference purposes.

We use PetSecure. No complaints about coverages, as Stiggy didn't have any pre-existings. We pay roughly $77 monthly, with $100 deductible, $2500 max annual payout, 20% co-op. And annual physicals, heartworm testing, vaccines, neuters/spays aren't covered. They do cover dentals and holistic/homeopathic procedures. My only wish is that I wish they were cheaper. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably heighten the deductible. Peace of mind wise, though, my bf and I don't regret getting insurance.