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Thread: Fero celebrated his 13th birthday

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    Default Re: Fero celebrated his 13th birthday

    That is so wonderful!!!!!!!!! I'm happy to see bullies living long lives It encourages me to do my best for my puppy.

    Happy Birthday Puppy!!!

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    Default Re: Fero celebrated his 13th birthday

    Hi Carmin

    Well, at first Fero has a basicly healthy condition. His owners, our friends (on one of the pics you see Fero with his mom Sabrina)
    visited a lot of breeders and checked out the parents of the puppies thoroughly for their vitality and character.
    And so they formed a favourable opinion of Fero' breeder before buying him.

    Sabrina and Stefan have a good eye for anything unusual with their Bulldogs and then consult their Special-Bulldog-Vet (Peter).
    Example: a few years ago Fero was breathing shallowly and their vet found a minor heart problem early, so Fero got a heart-support medicine for a while until his heart stabilised.
    Another example : 2 years ago he appeared to be tiring easily and the vet diagnosed a beginning spleen tumour. It was early enough and so the spleen was removed and Fero was healthy again.
    Fero's people take it upon themselves to drive 4 hours to Peter, one of the best bulldog-vets in Germany, so as to not take any risks.
    (We are lucky, this vet practices only 10 miles away from us.)

    By the way, I canīt understand why vets are soooo expensive in USA. Example: "seanjiujitsu" wrote earlier in this forum, that an OP on the urinary tract costs minimum $3300.
    In Germany it costs inclusive medicine and 2 days observation in the clinic about 1100 Euros, circa $1400, i.e. less than half.....

    Fero was never alone, he and the other Bulldogs are treated like the family's kids - or perhaps better :-) All sleep in a king-kingsize bed.
    Sometimes Sabrina cooks for them, to avoid food being boring. And they walk every day to keep condition and a good mood.

    The Rest is grace or luck.

    -bb_1_kk_2-4-2013-jpg Our Kosmo yesterday in the woods

    Yes, dogs are permitted (more welcome as smokers ;-) in restaurants and hotels in Germany. Our Frieda and Kosmo enjoy this

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