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Thread: Potty Schedule Question.....

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    Default Re: Potty Schedule Question.....

    Well I agree with the others, as it is a habit. Our 7 month old pup sleeps through the night like the others do. Plus I agree with you, DO NOT restrict water from her. That should never be done especially with a pup, and it doesn't help with the potty training. That is a myth and is unhealthy for pups. I think just let her stay in her crate and tell her no or go night night or what ever you want to say to her and she will eventually get it, and start sleeping through the night. As far as her eating, we feed twice a day, but if she only wants to eat once a day that's fine. I would offer the food at a certain time in the morning and in the evening, same time everyday, leave the food down for 20 minutes and then pick it up. Another thing you can do to also get her to eat, because she may not like her food, and we do this with Buddy and Diva, is put a little Feta Cheese in her food. They gobble it right up. We do this to keep them on a schedule and I don't want them to start losing weight. We also will use Bil-Jac instead of the Feta cheese to mix it up a little. I now Bil-Jac isn't the best food in the world, but the little bit we put in there doesn't hurt anything. We put about a small handful in their food. We use the one that comes frozen. Let us know how it goes.
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    We've been adding a little shredded cheese to Bacon's food lately because he is going through another spell of really not being that interested in eating...........cheese makes everything better!!!!!!

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