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My gift to @JAKEISGREAT today:

My usual method for disposing of dog poop is to put it in a grocery bag and throw it in the trash. Not very "green", I think. Now that my dogs don't poop as much as they used to, I'm going to attempt to save the landfill from having to decompose my many plastic bags and try a poop box.

We'll see how it goes.

Does anybody have some experience with this system?
we tried the tablet system, and it was a BIG MESS and it Failed horribly for 2 dog. I dug a 4 foot deep hole and inserted a piece of 12 inch Diameter PVC Pipe, with LOTS of holes drilled in it - you need to keep water in the 'septic tank' in order to work so we kept it watered, but we noticed it needed less and less water each week. well No sherlock ! it needed Less water cause it was FILLING WITH !!!!

Either the Tablets didnt work at all (and they were pricey) or due to our clay soil it wouldnt drain properly - I also kept it far from the house, as it WILL Bring in the flys ! - I also used a drain as a lid, and hot glued screen material, that way the water could get in (rain water) but the flys couldnt. after about 2 months of trying, I stuck the garden hose in it, and ran it for about an hour and totally flushed the system out into the yard when I knew a heavy rain was coming, left the PVC in the ground and filled the S.O.B. in.

I now have a metal galvinzed trashcan that fits a 5 gallon bucket inside) Trashbag, goes in the 5 gallon bucket, bucket goes in the trash can, tight lid on trash can. I pull it out, scoop up the piles every few days, and 1 trashbag vice lots of trashbags. that's the greenest I can do.

Keep us informed how it goes with your system. !