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Thread: Peeing On Furniture??!!! HELP!

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    Default Re: Peeing On Furniture??!!! HELP!

    So I'm keeping her next to me on her leash. At first she was kinda confused about it because she didn't have free roam of the house, but now she's just laying next to me quietly not bothering me or Jeff. It's also the first day she has not peed on something.

    Last time she peed on the chair it was just before bed so I put her in her crate. She cried and barked all. night. long. but we didn't relent and she stayed in there through till the morning at the expense of our rest. Jeff was going to let her out but I thought it better that we were consistent and that if we let her out to stay on the bed with us not only were taking a chance she would pee on the bed but that we'd be teaching her that barking was her ticket out of her crate and into bed with us.

    I haven't house trained a dog really before myself, but I don't mind doing it. From what you all say it seems you prob have the right of it, and it's worth a shot at the very least since we don't have too many other options. My last Bully was really lazy and quiet which is the opposite of Roxy who never seems to run out of energy!!! D:
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    Default Re: Peeing On Furniture??!!! HELP!

    The crate crying is sooooo hard! I know it might seem silly...the whole leash thing...but it's not. It's for you will probably see things you wouldn't have before. Little signals, smelling or rooting..anything that could lead to her peeing. Keep taking her out, reward her when she goes and you are right on being consistent.

    One thing you might also try, if you don't already, is to use her crate during the day for an hour or two at a time. It gives you a break and her time to get used to her crate again. Does she have bedding in her crate? If she pees on it..remove all bedding. That's a common thing too! Good Luck!! Keep up the good day without peeing is a day closer to breaking a baaaaad habit!

    Of course, no sleep is not a good thing!!

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