Vet offices were invented for Maggie's pleasure!! She thought this group of people were brought together occasionally to cater to her every need, and worship the ground she walked on. It's kinda embarrassing when she was attempting to go into the back offices and rooms rather than stay with us in the waiting room!! Of course everybody who met her cooed and cuddled her. So she was NEVER proved wrong!!!

Daddy is very non-committal at the vets. Doesn't seem to really care either way!!

Linus turned into a big wobbly mess the last time he was at the vets. That was almost a year ago for his neuter. He would not get out of the car so I had to lift him out. Then he sunk to his belly and I had to try and drag him in. That wasn't going to happen so I had to carry his 50ib butt into the vets.

When Bella was surrendered to the rescue it was obvious she had been neglected and who knows when she had last been to the vets! She has seen 2 different vets so far. The initial one for her shots and a wellness check. The second one for a UTI, spay and cherry eye surgery twice. Each time she has obviously been terrified. I'm curious how she will react to our own vet who is a very gentle person ..... but more importantly, has a never-ending supply of cheese she gives out as treats!!