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Thread: Raincoats and rains

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    Default Raincoats and rains

    Heyy all,

    I was walking with boo the other day when suddenly it was pouring so hard. Boo had insisted that we cross the street before the rain then we are stuck with heavy rain, no phone, and no umbrella.

    I look around and finnaly borrowed an umbrella from a drug store near by. Thinking the only way to go back is to carry boo with me.

    So i got around to carry him, (56 lbs) he was calm enough, but when i opened the umbrella he was scared and started to freak out. It was pouring heavily, boo was frantic, there's a kid looking at me like im some kind of a superwomen, so i do my best to hold on to boo while he was kicking my stomach and balancing an umbrella while running across the street.

    Anyway i got scratches all over, but boo is safe and sound.

    What raincoats that your bulldog uses? Im thinking of getting one for boo. The scratches i got left a permanent mark all over so better to invest on coats.


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    Default Re: Raincoats and rains

    Naturally, Princess Gracie would have a raincoat. She has only worn it a couple of times but it was quite effective when she did. I think we got it at PetSmart.

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    Default Re: Raincoats and rains

    Abby had a pretty pink one that we got at Petco. If I remember right it was pretty cheap. 12 bucks I think?

    For me, her name was Abby
    10/24/2011 - 11/23/1012

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