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Thread: Normal bulldog "playing" and dominance question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sampson View Post
    Tibetan Mastiffs are crazy huge! Lol I got Stella just before she turned 8 weeks. I spent FOREVER trying to find a breeder with true Italian blood lines (the breed has suffered a lot since coming to the US). we had to get her shipped to us as well. Stella is a remarkable example of the breed. Both of our dogs are great, we got Sampson from a BYB but he turned out to be a really good dog though. Not too many health problems and he looks really good. He used to look funky, then he filled out completely just before he turned 3, he has matured to be a very handsome boy. We are going to hire a bully breed specialist to do some in home training. Hopefully we can get her out here this week!

    Attachment 35984sun bathing Attachment 35985Attachment 35986 first day together Attachment 35987 first snuggle
    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Stella. It's so... Corso. LOL! She's almost as cute as Sampson.

    I made a video of a training session I had with my bulldog thinking of your dog. I took the video towards the tail end of the session (because it took him quite a while to catch-on to the training and I didn't want to waste 30 minutes of video on all the "No...", LOL)... so he's already getting tired out. This is my omega dog though. A lot easier to train than the brown bulldog. He had this bad habit of grabbing stuff from my hand - treats, toys, etc. - and he would sometimes accidentally nip me. I've been waiting for my husband to get him to quit doing it but he's been so busy lately that I finally just did it myself. Usually he does the training and I just reinforce it everyday until the behavior is gone. But I did it all this time and it all worked out. This is only the first session and he already almost got it (about 30 minutes). Here's hoping it sticks...

    So, what I did... gave him his favorite toy. Then tell him to drop it. He already knows this because we taught him to drop the toy at our feet when we play fetch. Then I pick up the toy but instead of throwing it (for fetch), I shake it in front of him. He would grab at the toy, sometimes jumping in the air to get it. When he does it, I say, "No.." which makes him stop in the middle of a grab (he already knows "No" too). I would do this over and over until he learns not to grab the toy. If you notice, there's no yelling involved. Just the regular firm No (okay, that's my firm No... told you I'm a wimp... my husband has a more clipped "No" voice). Now, this particular dog is a head-scratch addict. So, the head scratch is a perfect treat for him. The brown dog is a sliced-bread treater...

    Hope this helps.

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