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Thread: Best kind of snacks/treats

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    Default Re: Best kind of snacks/treats

    Quote Originally Posted by gobronco View Post
    Mila and Rudy get goldfish crackers as treats. They are small (dogs don't know volume) and they love them. Only a couple a day, maybe more on bath/nail trimming day. When I get home from work, they follow me into The bedroom when I change into something more comfortable. When I am done they race me sown the hall, to the kitchen. They always get the goldfish trophies because they always beat me. Btw they cheat. Mila runs interference while Rudy runs for the finish line.
    @ they cheat ... very funny, that seriously made me laugh!!!
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    What my dogs eat for treats: a small handful of their kibble, ice cubes, the butts of sliced bread, a few raw meaty bones from when I'm cooking and blue buffalo dental chews.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starmoon View Post
    Thanks everybody Estrella is gonna love trying new treats
    She's sitting on my lap attacking the screen everytime i type or move the mouse hahaha
    Im sure everyone here would love to see some new pix of your baby. How old is she now? We don't really give Princess Gracie treats. We keep a separate container of her Fromm in her room and give her some of that when she needs a reward. She does however get a banananaa every day as part of her diet. Has Estrella tried bananananana? HRH loves bananas.

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