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Let's look at the upside. The repair won't be so bad. The circle there is pretty well formed. Just take a glass or maybe a plastic cup close in size and use that as a template for cutting the piece of sheetrock. When you go to your home store look for the small 18 x 18 pieces of sheetrock they sell, much better than buying a whole big sheet. Get the self-sticking fiberglass tape and then pick up a small container of joint compound. They have a low sand product to make things nice and easy. You can have that hole filled rather quickly. You are also going to need at thin strip of wood and some drywall screws, you might be able to get away with a pack of shims that cost about $3. You are going to need that to brace the back of the piece of drywall you are going to put in. Believe me that is a small fix and can be done rather quickly. Thank your lucky stars that you caught her before it was a huge and rather irregular sized hole. That would take a lot more elbow grease because you would have to cut into that existing drywall to even it out so you could patch it.

I speak from experience, my son decided to use his elmo power tools to help mommy with repairs when he was a year old . Thankfully she hasn't gotten sick from eating it.

I have been fortunate with the walls. Raven has found flip flops, rubber gardening shoes, the edge of the wooden steps and the dining room table more to her liking. I am thankful she seems to have outgrown it but I still won't chance leaving her loose for a long time. At most she is left loose for maybe 20 minutes. I get worried she will get up to mischief and get hurt, as a pup she seemed to like cords that were plugged into the wall
Is this all greek???! Just kidding... I will go to home depot this weekend and buy the material but I have never EVER done anything around and I am not a very crafty person so wish me luck!!!

I think I was in complete denial thinking that Izzy was such a good baby. I started putting in paper all the things she chewed on and my list is not as small as I thought all my flip flops, couch wood frame, coffee table, back leg of my TV stand, baseboard, headphones, Ham's leather bracelet and now we add the wall to our list