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Thread: So... will my bulldog ever turn into a "bulldog"?

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    Default Re: So... will my bulldog ever turn into a "bulldog"?

    Quote Originally Posted by kim n the guys View Post
    My Remy literally bounces off the furniture at least twice a day!!! Sometimes using Oliver as a spring board and sometimes not. When those two get together and both start bouncing off the furniture it's hilarious. Today they knocked over one of our dining room chairs and of course Sebastian had to bark at it because if something is not in its usual place, he barks at it. Oliver is more chill than a stoner in the 70's usually except for maybe once a day when Remy convinces him to play with him and Sebastian is somewhere in the middle between the two. My Remy is 1 and I'm still waiting for him to turn into a couch potato so I don't know if your Remi will either.
    Mila, @ 8-1/2 months' is like Remy. Literally bouncing off and over the couches. Rudy, @ 18 months, has mellowed out quite a bit.

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    Default Re: So... will my bulldog ever turn into a "bulldog"?

    Franklin can be calm but at least once a day he's crazy jumping around chasing grace playing with her but other then that he's good he will be a year old April 22

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