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Thread: General questions that i need a little help with...

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    Oy! I feel your pain. Some advice that may help... If you play with your pup on the floor, this makes it worse, as you are on his leave and he wants to play like you are a puppy. Second, we had to stop playing tug of war kind of games all together... Just got him way too worked up. Walks are. Great way to spend his energy.

    Potty training really turned around for us when we trained remi to use the bells on the door.

    If you set the crate up so he can stand up and turn around, no other extra room, you should put him in there when you can't watch him like a hawk. You still need to take him out every hour or 2, but this will offer some relief if you need it. If he pees in crate, get rid of super absorbent bedding. Good Luck!

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    Default Re: General questions that i need a little help with...

    Ok so far we have kicked the fancy bedding into the trash... back to his ole favorite... a beach towel... LOL he circles gets comfey and sleeps.. he is back in the small crate at night thou, as the big one gave him too much roaming room and accidents were frequent.

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