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Thread: Eye issues

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    I know that nobody has commenting on this topic for awhile but I was just wondering if you saw a vet about this and what you found out? I am only asking b/c my Leroy has one white eye and one brindle colored eye like your Lucy and the white eye looks just like that, the brown one isn't nearly as bad. Please let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!!
    Yes I did see the vet over it. Lucy has entropion in that eye. It means the eyelid rolls in and the fur rubs the eye. In mildest cases the hair can just be plucked. In our case the eyelid has to be tacked until she is old enough for surgery. Go see your vet. Hopefully its just tears showing up more in the white fur.

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    Leroy went to see the vet today and it looks like the issue is some eyelashes that are rubbing against his eyeballs and causing irritation and more tearing than the norm I have been told by vets before that some day Leroy may need the surgery where they freeze off the eyelashes if it becomes too bothersome. They gave him some antibiotics b/c the area has an infection and also a hydrocortisone injection b/c he keeps itching his eye raw. I was also told to clean his face daily with witch hazel. I am sorry to hear that Lucy has a similar issue and can only hope it will get better in the future.

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