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    Quote Originally Posted by Hstead View Post
    My wife and daughter left the house at 4:50am so that left me and my 11 year old son at the house. He wanted to go shop for the new pup so I took him around noon. We still do not have the pup yet but we are not down to six days and counting. We ended up buying a bed, two bowls, Kong Ball, Nylabone, tug-of-war rope, some stuffies, and a Furminator. We should be good to go. I do not have food or treats yet though as I am waiting to see what the breeder is giving him already. I still need to get some dog shampoo but I won't be bathing him for a while hopefully.
    Ooooooo! That's the best kind of shopping; getting ready for the baby to come home....

    I took Grandma to Fred Meyer when the tree stand I'd planned to get a Noble Fir from was NOT OPEN. We scored. Not only did we find the perfect tree in their garden department, the dogs got new beds! They were only $12.99! Oh sure, they're not a "Kong Bed" or anything (been there, done that and was not worth the 60 bucks I paid for it) but they're soft and skwooshy and the covers zip off for washing.

    I also got three bags of Dove White Chocolates and I've already eaten an entire bag. OMG I LOVE THEM. And yes, when you see me, PLEASE say, "Happy Holidays Fat ***" --- maybe it will help me stop?

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    I do have 2 bulldogs; one is Gunner and the other is Pebbles. However, Pebbles has packed up and moved to my nephew's house. She is a wee pup and loves being the Princess of the Palace there. Gunner is a hard act to follow. So today I have been shopping online for her, and the sweet girly things I have purchased have been so cute. I am wondering if there is a 12 step program for this Bulldog spoiling...

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