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Thread: Water babies

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    Default Water babies

    Does anyone have any insight to what causes water babies in bullies?

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    Default Re: Water babies

    That is a good question and I don't know the answer. Everyone I have talked to does not really know what causes it. Some think that the lack of red blood cells in the baby, from an infection or an immune reaction is the cause. There is no evidence that it is hereditary, and several dog breeds are more prone to have them than others and EB are one of them. Also water puppies are impossible to deliver naturally, because they are too big for the birth canal and a C-section is a must. Hope this helps. I'm sure there will be someone here that may know the complete answer.
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    Default Re: Water babies

    Water (Walrus) Puppies(Anasarca puppies)
    A water baby is NOT caused by the dam drinking too much water. Pregnant dams need lots of water, as the amniotic fluid is constantly changing. Water babies are like babies that become anemic (low blood) in utero. They get severely edematous. This is usually due to parvovirus or an immune response (blood group incompatibility).
    Water puppy syndrome
    Edema: an abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in various organs, cavities, or tissues of the body.
    We can learn a bit from "people" medicine—water babies (hydrops) usually occurs from lack of red blood cells in the baby as a result of an infection or immune reaction.
    It can affect only one pup in a litter or the entire litter. Water puppies are impossible to deliver naturally, as they are huge, swollen, waterlogged puppies. A C-section is a must, as these puppies are generally two to four times the size of their littermates.
    These pups range from mild, medium to severely affected.

    Water pups are usually born alive, limp and weak, and they look like someone blew them up like a balloon. The dam was supplying the needed oxygen and nutrition through the placenta and cord, but soon after birth the medium to severely affected pup will suffocate by the pressure of the fluid.
    Some people report the mildly affected pups that survive the first two to three days turned out to be normal pups. Others say there were other underlying problems and their water pups died within the first week.
    The choice to try and save or to let the pup go without suffering will be between you and your vet, how much experience you have behind you, and if you are willing to put in the time PLUS be prepared for heartache. Trying to save these pups at this time is considered experimental.
    The cause and treatment of this condition are unknown at this time.

    I found this online for you, hope it helps.
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