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Thread: New pup...HELP!!

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    Default Re: New pup...HELP!!

    I cant help you because I'm about to pull my 8 month old puppy (just turned 8 months today) to the park to get some exercise before it starts raining!!

    Congrats on a beautiful boy!! I'd definitely get a wire crate - make it really comfy with some toys. And I just realized you got him today. I think he needs some time to settle in, this is all new and exciting to him and he is a puppy so his attention is on all his new surroundings!!

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    Default Re: New pup...HELP!!

    A lot of great advice here from the veterans. We are raising a puppy as well and have been through the ringer for potty training. Everyone on the forums have been uber helpful. The excited voice almost always works, even at 18 weeks. I believe you're pup is in the independent/willfull puppy stage where getting him to do your bidding (hahaha) is much much harder. Sometimes he will flat out ignore you.

    Some advice from me from my experience so far. Not sure all of what you've tried, but this has worked for us...

    1- he does not want to walk on a leash. I have to pull him. I tried to do the excited voice and the enticing with treat and worked only or a few steps.

    Getting Remi to walk from the yard I have to drag him, carry him, up to a certain point before he finally starts walking on his own. However, if I drive him to a park, or take him to a store, he's usually jazzed to walk with me.

    2- he whines and whines in his crate. I let him play and roam for a bit, then in the crate. Out for food and water, drag out for potty (which he did none) and then back into crate. I may be using a bad crate, it is the same one as tipsy and she was okay with her. It's the canvas portable enclosed. Could it be to claustrophobic?

    Remi took to the crate instantly, though there are times during the day when I put him in that he's like Hey! I'm not tired! He will destroy his bedding, etc. I usually take him out once for a potty break. Then, if he keeps it up, I ignore him and he's snoozing after 5-10 minutes. It's possible you may need to introduce the new puppy gradually, shorter periods of time, and maybe feed him in there so he can start associating it with a good place. Start with the door open.

    3- he seems to be ok pottying on my apartment patio on that fake grass potty tray but I really want him to potty outside.

    This is a real doozy. You have to anticipate when he needs to go out, put him on a decent schedule after he eats and plays, take him outside, praise him profusely when he does go in the spot you want. We just trained Remi to ring a bell to let us know when he wants to go outside. We've found that although it can be annoying, associating outside/fun with pottytime has been helpful.

    4- I can hear grumbles in the stomach but he doesn't want to eat

    Are you feeding the same food he was on before you got him? Maybe it's just nerves, or it's possible he may be sick. Have you taken him for a vet checkup yet?

    5- Tipsy can roam free now that she is trained, do you think seeing her walking around is effecting him in the crate.

    Interesting - from a human standpoint, I'd be a little pissed, but how often are you crating him? Do you think it's not so much jealousy as feeling isolated from the rest of the family? (We crate train but only crate Remi up to 5 hours a day)

    Fingers crossed for you!

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