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Thread: What do you use for yardless potties?

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    Default What do you use for yardless potties?

    I'm wondering what those of you who don't have a yard do for your bullies potty needs.

    I live in an apartment, and while I'm only on the 2nd floor, I bought a Pet Loo because I didn't want Matilda to go out to the courtyards (with all the other dogs) until she had all of her shots. I still walked her every day. Now we're pretty much done on shots, and we're working on transitioning to outside. I will still keep the Loo because it's too dang convenient. And it's on my balcony so I avoid the smell.

    It is, however, HORRENDOUS to clean.

    What do you guys use? Litter boxes, weewee pads, other synthetic grass models, etc?

    I wonder if it'd be better just to swap out the Pet Loo's synthetic grass with real sod. I bet it'd smell better and I wouldn't have to clean it!

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    Default Re: What do you use for yardless potties?

    When Usko was a puppy we lived in the 9th floor. We had a crate and X-pen around it and some newspaper in the X-pen. He never did number 2's on the paper, but 1's of course and peast them too We also took him out a lot day and night and he was 100% house trained around six months. Now we take him out 3-4 times a day.

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    Default Re: What do you use for yardless potties?

    Back when we were in our apartment we used the pee pads for Cutty, along with MANY trips downstairs as well. He was only there for a month or so tho before buying our house but the real grass ones that I think I remember seeing were an appeal to me.

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