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Thread: Researching Pedigree

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    Default Researching Pedigree

    I'm currently in search of a puppy to add to my family, and I've narrowed my search down to two breeders, both of which have pups available in mid-late November. Both breeders also have their dogs' pedigrees available online (I'm not sure if it's appropriate to post the site, so I'll refrain from doing so). Are there any redflags one should look for? (i.e. One should avoid a puppy with Dog X in its lines because he is a known carrier of some congenial disease).

    Alternatively, if someone more knowledgable than myself is willing to check out the pedigrees, it would be much appreciated. Just shoot me a PM or post here and I'll send it to you.


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    Default Re: Researching Pedigree

    I know nothing about this..but I will try and get a couple "experts" to help you!

    @desertskybulldogs. @Davidh

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    Default Re: Researching Pedigree

    I am not an expert, nor am I a breeder but I will say the following regarding my own experience.

    When looking for a breeder when I finally settled on a bulldog, we found a lot of Canadian breeders with our breeder's champion stud in their lines. This gave me a lot of hope because it was clear that her dog(s) were sought after. After we contacted them, they gave us contact info for their vet as well as others who had purchased from them in the past so we could get a better idea of the health situation and history.

    AFAIK, most reputable breeders will not breed a dog with known congenital issues so unless a dog was bred before these issues presented itself, you shouldn't have to worry (as much) about this.

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    Default Re: Researching Pedigree

    Find out the vet the breeder uses and talk to them about their bullies. You can check with the local bulldog club to see if they know of the breeder or the bullies on the pedigree. Fond out who they have sold pups too and talk to them about the health of their bully. You can also contact the kennel from the bullies on the pedigree. A reputable breeder will be glad to talk to you about their bullies and the pedigree of them.
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