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Thread: Are you obsessed witht your bulldog(s)?

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    Default Re: Are you obsessed witht your bulldog(s)?

    Thanks! I actually have another on my back. The one I posted was in memory of my boy tank.
    My boys are playing in Heaven
    Jax on the left Tank on the right

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    Default Re: Are you obsessed witht your bulldog(s)?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bo'sMamaGirl View Post
    When I found ebd news, I thought to myself, "Finally, I am not alone!! There are more people like me out there!!" All I do is talk about Bo and how wonderful, amazing and cute he is. When co-workers talk about what their kids are doing, I'm always like "Bo does this (insert awesome thing here) or Bo does that (insert even more awesome thing there)"!! I am pretty sure everyone is sick of me... they always say I need a real baby... but why? I have Bocephus! He's the best baby around!! I got Bo after my mom passed away and he instantly filled this huge void I had and the constant lump in my throat disappeared! He really was a god send for me and I can never repay him the unconditional love he gives me everyday. The breeder we got Bo from told me the day we picked him that I would take a bullet for him... and boy was he right, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for this little baby of love. We are all so lucky to have an english bulldog in our lives!! YAY EBD's!!!!

    @Bo'sMamaGirl...So sorry you've lost your Mom so soon. We'd only had our rehomed EB, Brutus, 3 months when my Hubby died 2 months ago.
    As you say, that awful, constant lump in your throat, the endless, empty days filled with nothing of interest, the gnawing grief that's always
    there...I thank GOD he provided Brutus for such a time as this! He gives me all of his great bully heart, loves me absolutely and lets my tear
    soak his coat every night. I can't begin to imagine my life with out him and could never repay my debt of gratitude to him for sustaining and
    ​giving me purpose in this hardest journey I'm on. We truly have 'saved' one another and do we both know it and love one another accordingly!

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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