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Thread: Training Nigel to sleep with mumsy :D

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    Default Training Nigel to sleep with mumsy :D

    So I started to work with Nigel sleeping with me in my bed - first we would nap and then we slept a whole night through one weekend.
    I kept him with me the past two nights and I'm happy to say no accidents! He's cuddling more and he'll lay down and put himself next to me - we must always be touching lol When he wakes up he'll come to my face and nudge me so then I know we have to go out for a potty break. He tried to go to his kennel after his 2am potty break but I said no come back to bed with mommy and he followed me back to the bed and went right back to sleep after some suckling with his dirty bear. Now this is bully heaven and what I've always wanted - super happy bully mom here! Next is to train Karly to sleep with her daddy - I tried to sleep with them both but she just wants to hump Nigel so I have to separate them lol

    Just wanted to share!

    Cheerio mates!

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    Default Re: Training Nigel to sleep with mumsy :D


    For me, her name was Abby
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