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Thread: When is the right time to get another bully?

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    Default When is the right time to get another bully?

    Hello again,

    So I am wanting to get duchess a play mate and I have my eyes on a litter due at the end of this month, which means I would get him at the end of December. Duchess is currently 6.5 months crate trained, leash trained, knows obedience commands, and is highly sociable! My question is would bring another puppy into the house make duchess regress if the puppy has accidents? I have heard having one trained dog will make the new addition catch on much quicker. I will definitely get him involved in training right away as I did with duchess. My other concern is my girlfriends chihuahua who is 7 and 3.5lbs. He still nips at duchess if she gets too close to his things or if he is on the couch and she wants up he will nip at her. But when we go for walks I walk them on the same side and they walk in harmony side by side, it weird. I think he's scared of her because when he barks at duchess she gets going and tries to paw at him. She actually pinned him down once before when she was about 12 weeks it was rather funny, but for safety reason this isn't proper behavior. The chihuahua isn't fixed but he will be going in to get neutered in the coming months, I'm thinking this might aide somewhat, but you never know. So I'm wondering how the chihuahua is going to act bringing in another male? Am I wanting to get another bully too soon? Any tips, suggestions, and advice will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for posting so much but I love this site! Lol

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    Default Re: When is the right time to get another bully?

    You should definitely get the Chi neutered. I would see if the breeder would allow you to bring both dogs along with you to see how they get along with new pup you have your eye on. It helps if they get to meet on neutral territory, especially as your male Chi has been the man of the house so to speak for a while. From personal experience I know my yorkie regressed a bit when we brought Raven home.
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    Default Re: When is the right time to get another bully?

    You can bring a new pup in anytime you have the time and money to do so. If the older one is potty trained or almost, then that one will help train the pup. As far as the Chihuahua, just tell him NO when he snaps at the pups. They will eventually get along or the Chihuahua will put them in their place. I have a testy Beagle and she will snap, but no bite the pups if they get too close to her. They run back and then tease her a little. It's all a part of them learning.
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