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    Quote Originally Posted by ModernFemme View Post
    How did they choke? They put the whole stick in their mouth or?? I thought this was a lot better than rawhides as no chunks ever break off. (Obviously the whole bull penis thing really freaks me out, though strangely ideal for a bull dog)

    Seriously though, is any kind of bone safe? What should I be using?
    Not safe, they make the end all gooey and try to swallow it. If they choke and gag they can easily aspirate when they vomit. Or swallow them whole and then you have a $2000 surgery to remove it. Don't take any chances!

    Recommended toys, chews and treats are listed in out Great Bulldog Products forum. I can't link it because I am on my iPod. Large Nylabones, Kongs, deer and elk antlers are good ones. You don't want to give anything that becomes moist like rawhides, bully sticks or pig ears.

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    Here's the link to the Great Bulldog Products forum

    he'll probably love the Kong toy when you stuff it with some good stuff (peanut butter, his favorite treats, veggies, etc). If you freeze it, he'll be busy for hours.

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