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I was there with the hubby and my Lucy. I think they had a pretty good turnout despite the damp rainy day. We only stayed about 2 hours so we missed the fundraiser/raffle at the end. We met lots of beautiful Bullies ranging from a couple of months old to oldtimers. As we were leaving lots of Bullies and their humans were still coming in.

Lucy gets excited when she meets new people and dogs. She wiggles that back end non stop in sheer delight! We have to keep an eye on her that she doesn't overdo it because she had knee surgery as a puppy. Better to be safe.

It is a shame the weather didn't cooperate. It would have been nice to be outside instead of indoors. It was also evident the Heavensent crew dedicated a lot of time and effort in hosting a great event. Hope to see you guys at the next one!
I've been regretting I didnt go ever since :crying: I'm glad you were able to make it though.