My girls both have their own bottle. With all the issues of moisture in the wrinkles we have with our EBDs on this site I bet everyone is out buying these lol for their bullies. My girl Thelma has always drank from a bowl and because she is 6yrs old I just assumed she was set in her ways to much to ever try it out. Well here recently mabel got into Thelmas water bowl and with that came slobber and water everywhere so I picked up Thelmas water bowl and cleaned mabels face and the floor ect. I got busy with something else and all of a sudden I heard sip....... sip....... sip....... sip instead of sipsipsipsipsip from my girl mabel and I walked out their and omg Thelma was drinking from the sippy bottle for the first time ever. Thats a wrap for the water bowl and so yeah we totally encourage this for all dogs in our family. When I picked up Thelmas bowl and began cleaning up mabel I didn't know thelma was going to get thirsty and she did but she had watched mabel do this daily with the water bottle and so she knew if she wanted water she can get it from the sippy lol. I really wasn't going to change this for thelma and was ok that she drink from a water bowl but thanks to mabel getting into thelmas water bowl that day now both my girls drink from the sippy