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Thread: Advise for a new puppy owner

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    Thank you guys so much! Your advise has helped me so much! The harness worked so well. I got one that was made for bullys, put it on her and it was like she had been born with the thing on. She didn't even know it was there!

    I have been so nervouse and anxiouse since I got her home. I broke down bawling to my husband yesterday. I have been so worried about how I am taking care of, and not neglecting my husband and kids at the same time. Books can only give you so much, sometimes it's just nice to talk to a real person. Kwim

    Thank you guys so much!

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    Default Re: Advise for a new puppy owner

    Well, looks like all the good advise was given before I saw this. I have two girls who are turning 4 months later this week. We got Gertie at 5 1/2 weeks old and Ida at about 12 weeks. So two completely different sets are circumstances there. It sounds like you're doing everything right with your new baby. My first thought was stop adding water to her food, but you've stopped that. We didn't even soak Gertie's food at her early age, she was already chewing up dry food. What food do you have her on? A good quality food is very important. One thing I picked up on and no one else has mentioned... you said it's cold there in the morning, so she wants to come right back in and then she poops on the floor. I don't know where you live or how cold you're talking, but it is only Sept., I can't imagine it's THAT cold. (I live in Az. and we got Gertie in early July, so we've battled the heat all summer). Anyway, I wouldn't bring her in til she pees and poops. She won't freeze to death, and if she gets the idea that she can whimper at your feet (aww, so cute) and get brought in, then she'll continue to go once she gets inside. And, I don't know how big your house is. If she sleeps in her crate at night in your bedroom, and it's inconvenient to move her crate to the living area during the day, then I'd get a second crate for daytime. My girls are in and out of their crates all day long. They nap in them and when they've been too wild and crazy for too long, they go to their crates just to "chill". It's still very hot here, so they can't spend much time outside during the day, so their crates are a life-saver! Lastly, WELCOME to our group! I had never had a BULLY before Gertie and I have learned soooo much here! Never hesitate to ask a question. There is so much experience with this breed here, it's so nice to be able to just post a question and before you know it, there are all kinds of answers! I love it!

    There is nothing nicer than two sweet Bully girls, unless it's THREE sweet Bully girls!!
    Julie, Gertie, Ida & Clementine in Az.

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