He will likely get hot spots until you find out what is causing it. As someone said, this is VERY COMMON in english bulldogs. My dog had a hot spot for 2 YEARS. I tried many expensive, Ultra Premium foods before I found one that worked for both of my dogs. It is not uncommon for them to develop an allergy so what you were feeding before may not be fine now. Additionally, reactions to vaccinations can cause "allergies" to appear. You did not say what you are feeding, but it should be of good quality, grain free would be nice, meat as first ingrediant, also supplement diet with fish oils etc... Also be conscious of any treats people may give them; I have had people give my dogs pieces of hot dog that they have reacted to. When doing food trials, you really need to limit the number of ingredients they are getting (try a "limited ingrediant diet (LID)" for example "dick van patten's LID Natural Balance" which has only 2 Ingrediants like Venison & Sweet Potato), you would try that for 6 weeks and see if it clears up. It seems many people here feed Fromm 4 Star (as I do) and their dogs do very nicely on that as well. Ultimately you will need to find what works best for yours. Good luck, I know how frustrating this can be, in the mean time make sure he is comfortable and watch for ithciness (treat with benedryl). Also when you take him to the VET, resist being sold the food they sell there its really not that great (IMHO).