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Thread: Integration with chihauhua

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    Default Integration with chihauhua

    I rescued a chihauhua yesterday-3 years old male and I have 1.5 year old male English bullie named roger (65 pounds of mushy love). They both have crates but roger will not leave Ricky's butt alone. Ricky is also healing from his neutering and I believe it's infected (taking him to vet today). Anyway, I know things take time but is there hope here? Ricky barks at roger incessantly and roger thinks it's a game.
    Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Start taking them on long walks together --- where you are the leader. When dogs travel together, bonds really are created. This has worked for me with quite a few of my neighbor ladies' yappy little dogs. Take em on a walk together and suddenly, they're behaving like a pack. If you don't want Ricky to bark at Roger, you have to disagree with that behavior and channel that energy into something else --- like the walk. If both dogs are tired from quality exercise, they're less likely to engage in annoying behaviors like you've described. Too, this may be Rick's way of trying to engage Roger --- but you need to help him find a more acceptable way to do that.

    I'm glad you're taking Ricky to the vet. A big infection on a tiny dog isn't a good thing at all.

    Good luck! I hope they are best friends in no time! What a cute pair to have around the house. Where are the pictures? You simply must post pictures!

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    Default Re: Integration with chihauhua

    I hope the vet gets Ricky healed enough so you can take Vic's advice and get them out walking together.

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