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Thread: Buy a pup or wait for an adoptable bully

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    Default Re: Buy a pup or wait for an adoptable bully

    I would be bugging some places tell they were tired of hearing from me! I have no patience when I want something I make it happen and if I cant I do all i can to accomplish it. If you want to rescue and that is where your heart is I say stick with that and going through puppy days my self, you have to ask yourself do you want to go through that again or does a adult fit your lifestyle better? Either way in the end you will get what you are ment to have and be thrilled with it! The waiting stinks thought!

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    Default Re: Buy a pup or wait for an adoptable bully

    @Dubbiedog you have no idea... lol. I just keep telling her "It's a good thing I love you!"

    @sweetpeasmom2008 I don't want to pester. They have enough going on with caring for the bullies. Puppies and rescues are all going to be work. I'm home all but two days a week, so I have the time to spend with them.

    But you're right, I will be excited either way.

    I'm just gonna have to put on my big girl pants and stick out the
    If you canít adopt Ė foster.
    If you canít foster Ė sponsor.
    If you canít sponsor Ė volunteer.
    If you canít volunteer Ė donate.
    If you canít donate Ė educate, network, and crosspost.
    EVERYONE can do something large or small, to help save a life.

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    Default Re: Buy a pup or wait for an adoptable bully

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicaroo1000 View Post
    ...Remember, we don't get the dog we want, we get the dog we need.

    So true!!!!!

    Adopting a bully is a very time-consuming, frustrating process. We tried for the last year or so to rescue a Frenchie through the large Frenchie rescue organization. We applied for numerous dogs and didn't get a single response back.

    We have a single story, single-family home with a large fenced yard, no pool, no other pets and no kids. We wanted to give all our love to one lucky dog Also, Hubby has had two American Bulldogs in the past and works for a veterinary pharma company, so we have the "pick of the litter" as far as vets are concerned. He even has documented professional dog training experience. Still, after applying for a handful of dogs, not a peep.

    After the last two turned out to have already been adopted out at the time we submitted our apps and got our hopes up and all of that, we pretty much soured on the process. Sad, but true.

    As things go, though, a friend of ours in TX knew we were looking to rescue and sent us a picture of our Sancho. His original owners had surrendered him to the vet after he tested positive for parvo at his initial puppy visit Even though we had a few reservations about getting a puppy, we decided to do it -- and it's proven to be one of the best decisions we've ever made. We love him to pieces and thank our friend (and the foster mom who cared for him post-treatment) every day.

    We certainly didn't get the dog that we (thought) we wanted, but we did get the dog we needed. Everything truly does happen for a reason and I'm sure the right one will come to you even if it's not in the way you expect.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Buy a pup or wait for an adoptable bully

    Quote Originally Posted by PeterPanAndWendy View Post
    So we are at a crossroads. We so want another bully. But in my heart I want to rescue a bully. We've applied to foster and have tried to adopt, but haven't heard back. I know that it takes time, that the rescues are all volunteered based. But my heart yearns for another one so badly. I really think we could offer such a wonderful home.

    But our currently family makeup is probably hindering us from being fully considered. My daughter and my infant grandson have just moved back in, so for his safety a rescue probably isn't going to work out. I know that they prefer homes with older or no children. You never know the history of the babies that come into rescue.

    So Pete, always trying give me what I want, says tonight, to call Pan's breeder and see if they are planning on having anymore pups. So my heart is torn. Before Pan we always had rescue dogs, saving one from the shelter has always made sense to me.

    Pan is so good with the baby. He really is the sweetest thing.

    I have come to really value the insights of everyone here. You always give sound advise. My daughter will probably stay here for at least two more years. So we will eventually have a toddler running running around the house. Any advise, or past experiences would be greatly appreciated.
    I adopted my rescue it took a few months, but i was promised one bully and with my grandkids the rescue thought another would be better because she was smaller & more gentle...i'm glad they had me meet the second bully...she's great with the kids, 3 years old...if you would like the name of the rescue email me...i know they do have a english & bully now.

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