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Thread: Puppy play day!

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    Default Puppy play day!

    We took Seamus to his first puppy play day that they have at a locally owned dog store down the street. It is run by a trainer who we are going to use to do puppy manner classes for Seamus. It was indoors (since it was 100 degrees outside!) in the air conditioned basement. He had a blast! Here are some pictures of him playing with the other puppies. He was first put in the "larger" puppy group since the other puppies were little! The 3 larger puppies ran around and nipped and played like crazy. Once they left the smaller puppies came in to play and he was much more careful and was a real gentleman and let them jump on him and didn't play too rough with them. We made sure to give him plenty of breaks and lots of water. He was tuckered out for sure!

    Then on Sunday we met up with our friends in the park so our dogs could meet for the first time. Our friends are going to watch Seamus for us when we are going away in October so we wanted to pups to meet and see how it goes. They have a dog named Toby who is a rescue pitbull. Toby is a huge solid mass of muscle but was pretty un-interested in Seamus. They got along pretty well. Didn't stay outside in the shade long since it was so hot but they got to meet so that was nice! Overall it was a nice weekend for Seamus. Lots of socialization and stimulation. Just what a puppy needs!


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    Default Re: Puppy play day!

    These puppy play dates are great and so useful in socializing your puppy! looks like they had a great time! Seamus is so gorgeous!

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