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Thread: Walking your bullie

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    I agree with the great advise already given. A lot of positive reinforcement and treats! Just keep at it, he'll get it.
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    Congrats on the wonderful progress Seamus has made! That's wonderful
    Quote Originally Posted by ccurran View Post
    Seamus got all his shots at his breeders and now we are just waiting on the rabies shots. We live directly in the city, near Union Station, in a high rise apartment building on the 7th floor. It is a super dog-friendly building with a lot of other dogs. Unfortunately there was no avoiding other dogs so luckily he had all his shots when we picked him up!

    He is doing much better with the walking. I had originally started taking him out back to a grassy area and then it would take 30 minutes to coax him out of that area onto the sidewalk. I think there were too many smells and too many dogs to distract him there so he wouldn't walk. Now I take him to another area to go pee and poo then onto our walk. He is doing much better! He learned to sit near my feet when we are waiting at a cross street and walks pretty well.

    Thanks for all the help!
    KaidasMom, aka Tina

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