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no offense meant @LynnA See? In Maine. Otis is a fine, old country name.
Here in Jersey, Otis is either your local drug dealer or the guy Rocco sends to bust your kneecaps

We are back from the vet!! He has such heat stress in his throat that everything inside him is almost swollen shut. They put him on oxygen and gave him a sedative to relax and a cortisone shot for the swelling. Tomorrow he starts 10 days of prednisone. He is breathing MUCH healthier now

But we have some concerns. That lump that I thought was from him pulling against the collar is actually a swollen lymph node. The doctor said that node is 10 times its normal size. It could just be an infection, it could be because his immune system is shot (really?) or it could be lymphoma. She did a needle biopsy and ran a CBC. We should have the results back by Monday.

He is so stoned from the sedative, I'm almost tempted to put on some Pink Floyd and give him a bag of Doritos

If anybody ever had any doubt where the money donated to rescues goes... it goes for this. Todays doctor visit alone was over 400.00
Twice, certainly no offense taken. Congrats saw your latest thread that he's yours. So happy for you all. Yeah, Jersey may not be the place for an Otis...lol