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Thread: Pet Tattoos???

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    Default Pet Tattoos???

    Oh lordy! I was just browsing pet stuff on Etsy and I ran across somebody selling pet tattoos. It's a stencil (suns, hearts, skulls, etc...) and dye and they put a temporary tattoo on the fur. The ad said it's safe stuff...I would crack up if I could put a little tattoo on Tank's spots.

    Anybody use this stuff before?! LOL Their ad had a schnauzer with a skull and a sun on it's rear!!! :hahaha:

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    Default Re: Pet Tattoos???

    I remember watching something and the dogs all had different numbers on the side of them and they people said they were safe temporary "tattoos", I wish I could remember the name of the show!! But I don't know what I would say if I saw a dog with a tattoo, hahahha too funny!
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