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Thread: dog bed

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    Default dog bed

    We saw big dog beds while shopping at Costco today. I have never had any luck with them in the past because my puppies have normally chewed them up. However, we decided to try it again since so many of your dogs like them. At what point should we bring it out? Do you start them with it from the beginning or do you wait until they are a little older?

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    Default Re: dog bed

    Aubie is 14 weeks, and she doesn't get her dog bed yet. She gets a blanket or towel at night in her crate, but during the day she just has the plastic bottom of the crate. She will pee if there is something in there with her during the day, but she holds it if there is nothing. We do have a bed ready for when she is ready, but she likes to lay on hard, cool surfaces right now (maybe because its summer?). When she starts acting like she wants to lay on soft surfaces and is not peeing on everything, I'll give her the bed we have set aside.

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    Default Re: dog bed

    Molly is currently 7 months old.. She will 'nap' on a dog bed on our deck.. but when its bedtime she would rather sleep in her crate (we know she's extra tired if we find her in there).

    I would put the bed out and let them lay on it during the day.. give them a bone/treat and try to get them to lay on it. If they start to 'attack' the bed give them something else to chomp on. You just need to show them its not a toy.

    Molly LOVED her baby bed we got her.. she still tries to fit in it.

    (This is when she was ~3 months old.)

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    Bully Bootie Duty Deniztokcan's Avatar
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    Must be warm and coZy next to the fireplace

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