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Thread: First bath

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazzy220 View Post
    Girl, it was an UGLY table! Good riddens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicaroo1000 View Post
    You spray it ON things that you don't want the dog to chew. I suggest using it on places/things where there is a HABIT of chewing beginning to establish itself. The reason why I say this is that some dogs get accustomed to the taste -- or, godforbid -- even begin to LIKE it. @AubreysMom can tell you about that!

    I used it on grandma's table legs with much success. I only used it sparingly however, because I hated that table and while I wasn't encouraging the chewing, I wasn't trying very hard to stop it either. *snork* She grew out of the phase by the way.

    And the table? It went bye bye. Hooray!
    Thank you for the reply. I purchased some this weekend - I dont have a problem with the furniture but I do have problem with hands etc...
    Otis you'll never know how much I love you I love you more then all the leaves on all the trees

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