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Thread: That's a big puppy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccurran View Post
    Oh man yes if we could pick him up now I would love it! But I definitely want to make sure we are around home and keep a strict routine for when he gets home. We are flying up to NY for 4th of July and there will be 6 adults, 4 adult dogs, 1 puppy and a baby at my dad's house so I don't think that will be the best environment to bring a brand new puppy!
    I like your thinking!

    Seamus is adorable. That little face...ohmanishecute. Congrats. I'm sure you're counting the days and will be thinking about him all during your 4th vaykay! (How could you NOT?)

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    Little Miss Bertha Bacon was 10 pounds at 8 weeks, which was just a week ago!! I think Arnold was 12 pounds at 10 weeks and he is a big boy, almost 70 at 11 months

    I'm a good girl, I promise

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