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Thread: Bug Season!

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    Hey thanks for reminding me of the skin-so-soft.....I'd forgotten how great it works!

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    Skin-so-soft makes actual bug repellants now too. They have a thing going now where you get a whole variety of them and a tote for $50 and it comes with some anti itch stuff too. I ordered it since my husband doesnt like the oil feeling. Hopefully it doesnt smell chemical-ly (word?). It had sprays and lotions..and I believe the lotions were also sunscreen which Im going to use on the dogs and kids faces if its gentle..
    found out with the oil put on our faces we all got sunburn real quick!

    Yes, even poor little Abby! Now I know why her face has been red....LOL.

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    Wow never thought to use that! I use K-9 Advantix for both of mine...I hear mixed things about it though! Maybe time to give this a try ?
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